How it started

Amy at the Mermaid's Pool, Isle of MuckFor the past few years we’ve had our sum­mer hol­i­days on the idyllic Isle of Muck in the Small Isles off the west of Scotland (map).

The sea may look like the Mediterranean but, believe me, it’s much more bra­cing. With our dear friends Kerry and Athena (and our other dear friends Chris, Angeni,  Michele, Emma, Yoni and Daniel — but they don’t come into this story so much)  we ren­ted a lovely cot­tage just 20m from the white sands of Gallanach Bay and a great time was had by all with lots of swim­ming and walk­ing, find­ing of shells and milk­ing of cows, eat­ing cakes in the tea shop and fall­ing in bogs. Continue read­ing