The camp­site is big and com­mer­cial, tents packed close together. There’s a swim­ming pool — the kids would spend the whole time there if we didn’t drag them out to the beach! It’s much too hot to sleep in the tent, so Callum and I sleep on the beach under a tam­ar­isk tree, blas­ted by sand blown by the meltemi (the hot sea­sonal wind). Continue read­ing

The wind is in from Africa

…and last night I couldn’t sleep…

Serifos beachCallum and Chris slept on the beach here on Serifos last night cos it was so hot in the tent, even with both doors open, and I slept in the hot tent cos it was so windy down on the beach!!  Callum slept until 8.30 even whilst wild sand­storms raged about him.  The ele­ments are cer­tainly chal­len­ging, and makes us think yet more about cli­mate change and the urgent need to act quickly to avoid yet more wild windy heat that makes cul­tiv­a­tion impossible. Continue read­ing

A sacrificial option?

When I first talked to our friend Rachael about our jour­ney a few months ago, she described it as a “sac­ri­fi­cial” action. Rather an inter­est­ing choice of words, I thought. “Sacrifice” these days tends to have unfor­tu­nate con­nota­tions of osten­ta­tious self-deprivation, or empty ritual. Continue read­ing

Athens to Antiparos

We docked at Patras on time, found the sta­tion and within no time were tuck­ing into fresh greek bread, feta, olives and toma­toes from the local shop, and a freddo (iced espresso — this season’s trend­i­est drink!)  A well earned decent feast — food on the ferry was a bit sparce due to the pricey food on board and the lack of shops to pur­chase any­thing other than souven­irs in Venice, and shops being shut in Ancona (Sunday) — but we enjoyed our stale bread and jam and felt like real trav­el­lers! Continue read­ing

Update from Kerry

On the ferry to Paros and Athena and Callum are eati­ung bread and play­ing the Callum/Athena express.

Two days into our Greek Odyssey and we have packed in so much already.

Minoan Lines Ferry

19th and 20th July

Ancona to Patras

So we’re now out in the Adriatic, hav­ing staked out our spot on the deck beside a young Swiss couple trav­el­ling over­land to Istanbul and a French fam­ily with 2 young kids. The Swiss couple are trav­el­ling with a large lily – a birth­day present from him to her! They give us Swiss chocol­ate as they dis­em­bark at Igumenitsa for being good neigh­bours. Continue read­ing