I’m going to note here some of the resources we’ve found use­ful in plan­ning the trip.

Firstly I have to men­tion the remark­able Man in Seat Sixty-One web­site. This is run by Mark Smith, an indi­vidual rail travel enthu­si­ast, who has col­lec­ted together an enorm­ous amount of help­ful inform­a­tion about trav­el­ling by rail in Europe (and bey­ond). Continue read­ing

Is it really greener to fly?

Until the other week, I’d assumed that it was com­pletely clear that fly­ing (par­tic­u­larly long-haul, but all fly­ing to some extent) was a really Bad Thing in terms of its con­tri­bu­tion to cli­mate change. I’ve not stud­ied the cli­mate change sci­ence in much detail, but I con­stantly hear from those who have that fly­ing is a major con­trib­utor of the emis­sions that are caus­ing cli­mate change. And of course that’s a major motiv­a­tion for our dec­sion to go to Greece by train this summer.

So I was a bit taken aback to read an art­icle in New Scientist a couple of weeks ago, entitled Train can be worse for cli­mate than plane. Could we really be hop­ping on a budget flight to get to Athens in just a few hours while sav­ing the planet, our bank bal­ances and our green cre­den­tials? Continue read­ing

Getting on board

I’ve just been to see The Age of Stupid, a very hard hit­ting film about cli­mate change.  It’s left me won­der­ing, yet again, how we man­age to change atti­tudes, and fast. I want people to read our blog here and be inspired to not fly and to go for that big train ride adven­ture once in a while.  To show people that train jour­neys are not only pos­sible, but can be even more excit­ing than get­ting the plane. Continue read­ing

Train tracks calling

We don’t have a car and we haven’t  flown for 8 years (except when I went to Shetland for work in November, and again in May :)) We use trains a lot.  I mean a lot.  But I haven’t done a grand European train voy­age for years.

Digging a water trench on an IVS workcamp at Degirmencay, TurkeyIn the sum­mer of 1989, hav­ing spent a week on an IVS work­camp in a small vil­lage in the moun­tains of rural Turkey, I caught a train from Istanbul to Prague.  Continue read­ing