The wind is in from Africa

…and last night I couldn’t sleep…

Serifos beachCallum and Chris slept on the beach here on Serifos last night cos it was so hot in the tent, even with both doors open, and I slept in the hot tent cos it was so windy down on the beach!!  Callum slept until 8.30 even whilst wild sand­storms raged about him.  The ele­ments are cer­tainly chal­len­ging, and makes us think yet more about cli­mate change and the urgent need to act quickly to avoid yet more wild windy heat that makes cul­tiv­a­tion impossible. Continue read­ing

Athens to Antiparos

We docked at Patras on time, found the sta­tion and within no time were tuck­ing into fresh greek bread, feta, olives and toma­toes from the local shop, and a freddo (iced espresso — this season’s trend­i­est drink!)  A well earned decent feast — food on the ferry was a bit sparce due to the pricey food on board and the lack of shops to pur­chase any­thing other than souven­irs in Venice, and shops being shut in Ancona (Sunday) — but we enjoyed our stale bread and jam and felt like real trav­el­lers! Continue read­ing

Minoan Lines Ferry

19th and 20th July

Ancona to Patras

So we’re now out in the Adriatic, hav­ing staked out our spot on the deck beside a young Swiss couple trav­el­ling over­land to Istanbul and a French fam­ily with 2 young kids. The Swiss couple are trav­el­ling with a large lily – a birth­day present from him to her! They give us Swiss chocol­ate as they dis­em­bark at Igumenitsa for being good neigh­bours. Continue read­ing

Venezia to Ancona

Sunday 19th

Venazia to Bologna

Our first local, supplement-free train!

Venice canalAn early rise at 6am and break­fast of corn­flakes, white sliced toast and straw­berry jam at “Sleep Cheap at Francesca’s B&B”, whilst the own­ers slept in the liv­ing room, giv­ing over their two large bed­rooms to pay­ing guests. I slept badly as cannon-like fire­works boomed through the Venetian night. Continue read­ing

Getting on board

I’ve just been to see The Age of Stupid, a very hard hit­ting film about cli­mate change.  It’s left me won­der­ing, yet again, how we man­age to change atti­tudes, and fast. I want people to read our blog here and be inspired to not fly and to go for that big train ride adven­ture once in a while.  To show people that train jour­neys are not only pos­sible, but can be even more excit­ing than get­ting the plane. Continue read­ing

Train tracks calling

We don’t have a car and we haven’t  flown for 8 years (except when I went to Shetland for work in November, and again in May :)) We use trains a lot.  I mean a lot.  But I haven’t done a grand European train voy­age for years.

Digging a water trench on an IVS workcamp at Degirmencay, TurkeyIn the sum­mer of 1989, hav­ing spent a week on an IVS work­camp in a small vil­lage in the moun­tains of rural Turkey, I caught a train from Istanbul to Prague.  Continue read­ing