a few random things that you should definitely NOT take on a journey like the one we’re going on! (phew, long title)

  1. rab­bit*
  2. cartie**
  3. non col­lapsible pad­dling pool
  4. sofa***
  5. com­puter****
  6. a tree******

*unless you’re trav­el­ling to get to a fam­ous greek vet or pet shop

**cartie — home made go cart

***so you can have a sit down whenever you want

****we’re not tak­ing any sort of com­puter***** if you do take a laptop not a old desktop com­puter with a huge monitor

*****don’t worry we’re going to write on the blog in inter­net cafes

******we’re not fly­ing and we’ve already planted about 200 trees so we don’t have to plant any more

Sleeper trains

I’ve always wanted to sleep on a train but I don’t really like courgettes!!!!

←my logo on a blog!



  1. I am look­ing for­ward to wak­ing up in Venice!
  2. I am look­ing for­ward to sleep­ing in a triple decker bunk! (it’s not often I get to sleep in a bunk bed let alone a triple decker one)
  3. I want to wake up in a dif­fer­ent country!
  4. I want to have break­fast on a train look­ing at the scenery and names of sta­tions I can’t pronounce!

The reason I’ve not said this about a boat is because I’ve already slept on a boat two years ago but I’ve never slept on the deck of a boat in a hot country!

=) Callum

WARNING this blog does not have anything to do with hovercrafts or eels!

HovercraftThe Hungarian Phrasebook sketch from Monty Python’s Flying Circus

Set: A tobacconist’s shop.

Text on screen: In 1970, the British Empire lay in ruins, and for­eign nation­al­ists fre­quen­ted the streets — many of them Hungarians (not the streets — the for­eign nation­als).   Anyway, many of these Hungarians went into tobacconist’s shops to buy cigarettes…

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