what we’ve been doing

first we got a taxi to Edinburgh air­port and then we took a tiny pro­peller plane (which kept doing pro­peller exer­cises before going on to the run­way) to Dublin.

The plane that we went onthis is the plane that we went on

Then we had to go through secur­ity again and they threw away a bottle of water that I had bought past secur­ity at Edinburgh! Then we went through a US pre-clearance were they scanned our fin­ger­prints and made us look into a little cam­era. Then we had to wait for the big plane to take us to America.

Our flight was com­plete with lemon soaked paper nap­kins so we weren’t delayed for mil­lions of years (see The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Secondary Phase/The Restaurant at the End of the Universe) and I “Wasn’t as scared as I was scared I was going to be scared!”

This is The Plane That We Went on to America!

When we got to Chicago air­port we didn’t have to go through any more secur­ity checks so we col­lec­ted our bags and got the bus to the hotel.

It was the wrong hotel.

When we finally got to the right hotel we dis­covered the very cool ice dis­penser and that there really was, as advert­ised a TV in each room (pure excitement.)

The next day we went to the Chicago field museum and saw Sue (the largest and most com­plete Tyrannosaurus rex in the world) and  went on the under­ground adven­ture (a very dis­ap­point­ing sim­u­lator which showed you about the soil and “made you seem as though you were 100th of your size”).

After that we took the Amtrak to Grand Rapids. We went over a lot of level cross­ings so we got to hear the train whistle a lot!

The next day, at Debbie and Mike’s house we had blue­berry pan­cakes for break­fast and swam in the pool all morn­ing. in the after­noon we went to the lake near their house and swam there.

The next day we went to a steam and motor fair and saw lots of old tract­ors and steam boats. then we went in the lake again to cool off.

Yesterday (10÷7÷11) we went kayak­ing and canoe­ing on the Thornapple  river and saw lots of little fish and turtles (ter­ra­pins). Then we went in the river and  the lake (yet again!) to cool off.

Today we were going to to go camp­ing by lake Michigan earlier but there was a huge thun­der­storm with thun­der and light­ning so we are going to go later.

sorry that  this post was so long

sorry that I haven’t blogged enough recently (there’s been so much to do)

sorry that I say sorry too much

bye by

CalluMullac  ;):):D

6 thoughts on “what we’ve been doing

  1. Hi Guys, great to hear what y’all have been up to — keep blogging!!

    Sally x

  2. How the heck did you man­age to take pic­tures of the planes you were on FROM THE OUTSIDE? This is freak­ing me out! Please try to stay inside the planes from now on!

  3. Great to get your news, Callum.Lots of thun­der here too and sev­eral inches of rain.
    Love from Martha.

  4. Sounds fun! Annoying to have water con­fis­cated — i was unbe­liev­ably cross at hav­ing hag­gis I’d bought in the depar­ture lounge, con­fis­cated on arrival in Canada — didn’t even fit their rules of what needed con­fis­cat­ing but rest of hol­i­day was fab.
    I missed a big flood in Edinburgh but Shane’s office was let­ting in water. Hope we are okay cyc­ling in Holland — tent flooded last year!
    Hope you get to Michigan.

  5. Glad you are hav­ing a great time. Main prob­lem here was yes­ter­day, when we went shop­ping and the car key wouldn’t switch on the igni­tion! Never happened before and hope never again! After 15 minutes switch­ing on and off it sud­denly worked and seems O.K. now. Here’s hop­ing any­way. We have enjoyed the demise of the NOTW and the polit­ical reac­tions. I put in my name again to AWAAZ, so that was some­thing.
    All the best.

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