we r going 2 AMERICA!!!!!!!

We are all going to America for 3 weeks from the 6th of July. i’ts all very excit­ing but.… we’re fly­ing :( :( :( :( :(

any­way, we will be writ­ing about what we r doing on this blog so look out for some new posts com­ing up soon!!!

3 thoughts on “we r going 2 AMERICA!!!!!!!

  1. Have a great time. Remember there should be abso­lutely no guilt about fly­ing for you lot and any­way if you went by boat you might not be back in time for the start of term at Porty High . MJ:-)

  2. Have a good trip. I know you have some issues with your chosen mode of trans­port but I’m sure you guys are cap­able of off­set­ting the guilt with the enjoy­ment of the jour­ney (might as well) and being able to sup­port Jane’s sister’s fam­ily. If you want another epic over­land jour­ney, you’re more than wel­come to come and see us in Bergen.

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