Worries.….….….….….… =(

  • Chris is wor­ried that Jane might buy a water­melon to eat on the train.
  • Jane is wor­ried that Chris will have his purse stolen.
  • Callum is wor­ried that he will get cock­roaches in his san­dals cos his feet are so dirty.
  • Callum is wor­ried hat he will lose at UNO.
  • Chris is wor­ried that Callum will be eaten by a bear in Brasov.
  • Jane is wor­ried that we will spend too much money.
  • Jane is wor­ried that we will never make it home again.
  • Chris is wor­ried that meths will leak all over his bag.
  • Callum is wor­ried that he will have to have a shower one day soon because…
  • …Jane is wor­ried that Callum’s feet will never be clean again.




2 thoughts on “Worries.….….….….….… =(

  1. Can just ima­gine the conversations!!!!!!!!!

    Our feet were pretty damn filthy when we got back last night but we had no water­mel­ons leak­ing in our packs Chris…

  2. I did con­sider buy­ing one for our epic jour­ney up to Brasov but just knew what Chris reac­tion would be (can,t find right punc­tu­ation on this Hungarian key­board. We,ve free inter­net access in the Budapest appartment)

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