To Kimolos

29th July

Kimilos landscapeChalk and clay, astound­ing eroded rock form­a­tions. No camp­site here at all, but free camp­ing on the beach. Very much quieter here than the other islands, and we are hav­ing to prac­tise our Greek.We’re spend­ing the morn­ing wan­der­ing through the old Chorio: tiny wind­ing streets (to con­fuse invaders) with typ­ical Cycladic pat­terns painted on the con­crete. A few gift shops, but mass tour­ism has yet to hit this island. The church is full of images of saints, stained glass win­dows and starry ceil­ings. Wonderful bakeries.

The wind is relent­less, but we had the tent securely anchored at least last night, so all slept better.

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