Sound clips

  • Paris Gare du Nord: flip flap­flap­flap of the train indic­ator board — a “lost sound” accord­ing to the BBC sound archive.
  • “Passaporte! Passaporte!” at 2:30am on the Bulgarian border.
  • Cicadas every­where we went in Greece.
  • Through Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary: the bell clang of the wheel tap­pers’ ham­mers going down the train.

One thought on “Sound clips

  1. Wow!! I’d really like to hear some of those — espe­cially the wheel tapping.

    Yea, a real geeky doc­u­ment­ary and sound doc­u­ment­ary junkie. (Did you know you can actu­ally bor­row sound effect and fam­ous speeches CDs from the library?)

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