Food for a 2-day train journey

2  Spinopitas

1 Tiropita

13 Oranges

7 Bottles of water

4 Large tomatoes

2 Cucumbers

1 Packet of chocol­ate biscuits

1 Piece of baclava

300g Feta

200g Emmenthal

2 Loaves of bread

Olive oil

1/4 jar Strawberry jam

2 pack­ets “PICK” crackers

3 Croissants

1 packet Sesame snack


4 thoughts on “Food for a 2-day train journey

  1. Never mind the bak­lava, you can get that any­where. The tiro­pita sounds inter­est­ing and Google only knows 2 web pages refer­ring to spino­p­itas: one of them is this page and the other one is in Greek.

  2. The bak­lava was shared fairly (not to Callum’s lik­ing). Tiropita should maybe be tirip­ita (it’s a kind of cheese pie), and spino­p­ita is prob­ably spinoko­pita and is spin­ach and cheese in puff pastry. Apols for the dodgy spelling: our blood sugar is low, des­pite the bak­lava.
    Report on our visit to Cafe Gerbeau in Budapest to come soon, with pho­tos of the gateaux.

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