Camping Antiparos

Camping AntiparosA busy camp­site, but very relaxed atmo­sphere. People sit­ting play­ing chess and back­gam­mon, 1970s rock music play­ing in the cafe, five minutes to the (swim­ming cos­tumes def­in­itely optional) beach.

Having kids is great for mak­ing con­nec­tions: a little Greek girl wants Athena to play with her, and we get into con­ver­sa­tion with her father,  Girban (sp?) (his mother is Australian and wanted to keep an Aboriginal name in the fam­ily). He;s a violin teacher from Athens, but trained as an archi­tect. He’s dis­ap­poin­ted with the new Acropolis Museum, thinks it should have been much more rad­ical design for such an import­ant land­mark build­ing. I say I thought once inside it was amaz­ing — great sense of space, and the view out to the Parthenon. We talk of the Scottish Parliament, which many people found too rad­ical (as well as too expensive…)

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