Travel update

Only four days to go! Packing has star­ted, camp­ing stuff is being gone through, Chris is get­ting fractious…

Our latest itin­er­ary is on the site — but have no doubt that this will con­tinue to evolve as we pro­gress. The latest plan is that we will leave Athens for Paros on Wednesday 22nd, and we’ll camp on Antiparos (smal­ler island neigh­bour­ing Paros). The camp­site there is lis­ted in Cool Camping Europe, so it ought to be good. At the week­end, Kerry & Athena will go to their reunion meal on Paros. Then on Sunday we’ll get the boat to Serifos (already prov­ing a hit with the typo­graphy fans, though we’re not sure it will be as excit­ing a travel des­tin­a­tion as San Seriffe). On Wednesday we plan to get the boat to Kimolos, then back to Athens via the overnight ferry on Friday, 31 July.

We’re plan­ning to stop at as many inter­net cafes as we can along the way, so look out for reg­u­lar updates to the blog — and don’t be afraid to leave your own com­ments and sug­ges­tions. (If you’ve been to any of these places, do tell us what to look out for and what to avoid!)

6 thoughts on “Travel update

  1. ooooh! Its so excit­ing, and I am very jeal­ous of you and your admir­able adven­ture! If we don’t see you have a great time, eat lots of feta cheese and mous­saka for me! lots of love the Reeves/Yates gang xxxxx

  2. Hello All,
    Good to know you are well on your way.
    We are fine but the weather here is appalling. lots of very heavy rain so the allot­ment will not need water­ing yet. No sign of Penny but we’ll man­age.
    Keep on enjoy­ing yourselves.
    Lots of love,

  3. Glad you are mak­ing good pro­gress to Athens. M. is not feel­ing so good today so we skipped the kirk. I will watch the golf per­haps this pm. Otherwise work­ing hard as ever with my obdur­ate cli­ents! Take care of the heat!

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