Sleeper trains

I’ve always wanted to sleep on a train but I don’t really like courgettes!!!!

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  1. I am look­ing for­ward to wak­ing up in Venice!
  2. I am look­ing for­ward to sleep­ing in a triple decker bunk! (it’s not often I get to sleep in a bunk bed let alone a triple decker one)
  3. I want to wake up in a dif­fer­ent country!
  4. I want to have break­fast on a train look­ing at the scenery and names of sta­tions I can’t pronounce!

The reason I’ve not said this about a boat is because I’ve already slept on a boat two years ago but I’ve never slept on the deck of a boat in a hot country!

=) Callum

4 thoughts on “Sleeper trains

  1. I wrote this post so I don’t need to leave a com­ment still, sounds cool Callum!

  2. 1. You will wake up long before you get to Venice (if you drop off at all that is).

    2. The prob­lem with a triple deck bunk is that it’s a long way down if you do drop off.

    3. The first thing you’ll notice is that it smells dif­fer­ent. Really. You’ll be hit by the aro­matic plants in the hot­ter cli­mate: give it a few hours and you won’t notice any­more, but it’s nice to wake up to.

    4. Breakfast on the train sounds nice. We’re get­ting the sleeper to Avignon this year and we get break­fast in the sta­tion (ok) as the train arrives just before 6am (not so ok).

  3. 4. Llanfairpwllgwygyllgogerychwrondrobwllllantisiliogogogoch.
    Who needs to go to Venice?

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