How it started

Amy at the Mermaid's Pool, Isle of MuckFor the past few years we’ve had our sum­mer hol­i­days on the idyllic Isle of Muck in the Small Isles off the west of Scotland (map).

The sea may look like the Mediterranean but, believe me, it’s much more bra­cing. With our dear friends Kerry and Athena (and our other dear friends Chris, Angeni,  Michele, Emma, Yoni and Daniel — but they don’t come into this story so much)  we ren­ted a lovely cot­tage just 20m from the white sands of Gallanach Bay and a great time was had by all with lots of swim­ming and walk­ing, find­ing of shells and milk­ing of cows, eat­ing cakes in the tea shop and fall­ing in bogs.

Hebridean BreakfastThen came the dread­ful news: the cot­tage was fully booked for sum­mer 2009! Of course, we imme­di­ately booked for 2010, but what should we do for fun and frol­ics in sum­mer 2009? Kerry had men­tioned that she might go to Greece with Athena. I’ve never been there (sounds warmer than Scotland, which is a plus for me). Jane went on a walk­ing hol­i­day in Amargos once, many years ago and would like to go back. Athena had heard there was a god­dess named after her.

But no firm plans were made, and besides we didn’t want to des­troy the planet with any more air travel…

But by the spring we star­ted talk­ing some more about it, and it began to seem like a pos­sib­il­ity. We def­in­itely didn’t just want to jump on a cheap flight (I’d just been to see The Age of Stupid), and besides a train trip round Europe soun­ded a lot of fun. I remembered the trip to Croatia with Jane, the year before Callum was born: sup­per in Paris, break­fast in Venice, a stop­over in the Swiss moun­tains on the way back (crois­sants delivered to the campsite).

So that’s how the plan star­ted. The idea of the blog is to tell you how we planned it, the frus­tra­tions and excite­ment, give some point­ers to use­ful resources, reflect on some issues. Jane no doubt will give you her slant on it all, and Callum will throw in some off-the-wall com­ments and Monty Python quotes (and maybe some weird draw­ings Callum?).

Please add your com­ments and responses!

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